Focus on the process more than the results

When I was young, my mother always taught that ,

The process of cleaning the house, cleaning it from the top to the bottom.

Ceiling – with a ceiling broom,

Cabinet table – with feather duster,

Floor – with a broom,

The last step is mopping the floor.

At that time, I didn’t understand why the steps were made from high to low, so I was stubborn with my mom.I started by sweeping the floor, then I swept ceiling down with a ceiling broom.

As a result, I had to sweep the floor with my broom again, wasting even more time and effort.

Nowadays, everything is highly competitive. With technology, by society, or by whatever values. Every business and industry is accelerating to produce results as quickly as possible to keep up with the market demand.

Chickens were also given hormonal injections to speed up their growth and not suffer from disease.

Agricultural crops are also genetically modified to produce easily controlled results.

These processes, which sometimes overlap with social responsibility and consumers in both the short and long term.

And if we look at the production process of Software Product? Please ask yourself:

Are you only interested in the results what you want the software to do ?!

Are you interested in what to do, what kind of operation system, what action plan and technology use?


This is an important point that many people not see the importance of what it is. “How do you have a working step?”

Before you assign and enter work into a production process, have you compiled the requirements of the user group completely and correctly? – Ask this question first. Because many people tend to throw jobs into the production team even though they don’t have any clear requirements.

And after you’ve collected all the requirements from all parties, have you planned or have any processes on the next steps?

The process works without planning steps as well result in the outcome that is just “finished” but not “great”.

  • If you miss the process of gathering requirements from user needs – your Product is just finished, but no one wants to use it. Moreover, your work will be modified many times and never ending because it is not suitable for the user.
  • If you miss to request approval from management, decide before production – You may have to throw away the product you made and start over. Because management may have disagreements with you.

The workflow is not fixed on what to do before and after. Because everything can be adjusted according to the organisational and business structure.

But most importantly, everyone follows the agreed processes, and whoever controls them do not go out of the process themselves.

Author: AbaiyaMook