ART HOURS EP.1 | When I drawn a travel memoir.

Nowadays, I only go to temples to see the old city and ancient places.

I don’t know what other people got from going to the temple.

As for me when I go anywhere.I like to observe architecture Sculpture there.

The temple is another place with different architecture and art.

Even temples in Bangkok Same province address Do you believe that they are not the same? It depends on the history of the temple, who is its creator or the culture of the community. Everything will be through art, painting and sculpture.

And the picture I drew in this article. There comes from one temple as well.

I was inspired by observing art from the temple gates.Beautifully carved onto wooden slabs. When asked what era of art it is, I can’t answer because I don’t like history.

Let’s see!

Author: AbaiyaMook