The value of writing a good article.

“Writing content today is much more difficult than in the past.I’m not just talking about the conveying aspects or the need to adapt to new content writing.

Writers are not the ones who finished writing the article, but they must also be the recipient of the reader’s feed back because those feedbacks are a good indicator that “How responsive are their articles to the readers?



We live in an age where everyone can be a publisher, create content themselves, be a reporter, everything can be published through social media by themselves.

As readers, we will never remember where this article came from and who wrote it .. We only remember the contents of the article. After reading it, we press close, after that, if we want to come back and read it again, we have forgotten where we have read this article.

We live in an age where the politeness of the language is distant to the reader. In the other hand, rudeness is like a friend and looks more closed and friendly.

We can observe from the personality of the various social admins.The admins who uses polite words Sometimes it makes the fan page feel like “Commercial” or “Adertorial” article.

Many admin pages have adapted to be Friendly, more accessible. There is a nuisance to communicate in a friend talk. To be honest, this article is an advertisement, and fans see that it is sincere and help to share it to increase the number of likes.

Trend is what everyone needs.

The trend in the world of social has to be excited every minute. It’s the age of following the trend. If you are even a minute slow, you will lose a lot of your readers.

How will creating Brand Awareness happen? When the reader doesn’t care where they are reading it.

Brand’s position is an answer.

We can recognize that if it is an article from this publishing, we will read a cool article.

We know that if it is an article from this publishing, we will be able to read new technology.

We know that if it is an article from this publishing, we will be able to read the social trend as fast as possible.

These are the types of content | article styles | Brand characters, or by who defines them. Where it responds to a specific customer group like us And we would like to call it “brand’s position

Have you seen it? The Dog fan page has all the dog content but has millions of followers.

We do not need to have contents of every animal on the planet. (There are also those types of pages but for animal lovers) We only focus on groups .. Limit groups down to whether people love dogs only or cats only .. It can be successful. Because the page has a brand’s position.

I think, it’s timeout for content with too many categories on a single page, like the department store where have everything you can buy.

Because of the reader’s behavior, they don’t care where they read articles. They don’t have a chance for you to introduce yourself like “who you are?” After finished reading, They’ve closed!.

Niche is also the answer

Do it best!, clearly, niche and focus group. Don’t put the whole universe on your fingertips and create articles in every category within the same page .. I think this is the concept of making content today.

Communicate like talking to friends, decrease some formality to reduce the distance between you and the reader more closely. Write creative articles. Find social issues and put them into the same content faster than your competitors.

The last and most important thing..

When you’re done writing, you need a tool to measure how much people read, what feedback from readers. Bring feedback to further improve your writing.

Writing is always valuable. It makes people look for our brand logo to read every article we publish, so it is called content creation success !!

Author: AbaiyaMook